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Just a few things I found out recently that I thought were interesting.

Kojak’s trademark was thanks to Mr Spock. You all remember Kojak the hard bitten detective played by Telly Savalis who told everyone he loved them and was always sucking a lollypop. Well early on and in real life Savalis was a heavy smoker but his doctors told him to give up. He was having trouble with this until a conversation with Leonard Nimoy. As Mr Spock Nimoy wore a lite green makeup that would discolour if he smoked, so he took to lollypops and made the suggestion to Savalis.

There is a small crossover between ‘Jeeves and Wooster’ and ‘Poirot’. In the ‘Jeeves and Wooster’ novels Jeeves is a member of ‘The Junior Ganymead Club’ a club for Gentleman’s Gentlemen. Later in ‘Poirot’ novels Poirot’s man Georges is also said to be a member. Wodehouse and Christie were good friends and in many ways Georges is in the mold of Jeeves so it was not surprising that she paid a small tribute.

Deborah Meaden isn’t married to Theo Paphitis. I thought they were married for some reason.

The US TV series ‘Perception’ is partly based on the UK series ‘New Tricks’. The creators were inspired by seeing a early Brian Lane heavy episode of ‘New Tricks’ at a TV trade event.

Canada censored the ‘Rabbits’ episode of ‘Father Ted’. However they kept in the controversial line from Father Jack where he calls the rabbits “Hairy Japanese Bastards” yet censored the line where he calls the rabbits rats. They also do not show episodes with the character Fr. Dick Byrne in as they see something rude that the writers didn’t.