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You’ve seen them, been knocked into by them. Or if you are reading this now on a smart phone you may be one.
They are everywhere.
There is no escape.
Resistance is Futile.

More and more everyday life is becoming a test of endurance and manners as the world is taken over by the I Zombies. I Zombies are people who cannot function with out a phone in their hand. At all times. They look intently at the screen of their phone as they walk, as they eat and even as they drive. Their brains functioning at a low rate and only dimly acknowledging the world outside their screen.

That is until they barge into you with such force that their phone is knocked from their hands. For them this is a physical pain. It produces a panic state until the phone is back in front of them and they are staring at it’s screen.

It wasn’t always like this. When I first got a mobile phone, almost twenty years ago, I would rarely use it public. The fear was that to show you had a phone made you a target for muggers. This thinking still resonates for me, and I rarely use my iphone in public. Even if I am using it to listen to music on the Underground, I keep it in my pocket. Out of sight.

Everyday in London people have phones snatched from their hands just as the tube doors are about to close. The victim is on a train on moving to the next station, the thief and the phone are vanishing into the crowded platform.

Cut off from their phone and having to deal with real people, many I Zombies perish.

But there are advantages to not always staring at a phone. You can walk faster, which is better for your health and can cut your commuting time. You can see the world around you. Reconnect with real people. Open your horizons.

Or do we now live in the world of the I Zombie. Dodging their lumbering forms as they walk mindlessly from place to place. Barely glancing up. Where they now account for more deaths on the roads than drinkers. A world where soon not to have a phone in hand will be seen as subversive.

Assimilation inevitable.